Congratulations on the Purim holiday to the prisoners of the Ghetto of Migdal HaEmek & Afula

Purim symbolizes the victory of the Jewish people against total annihilation. Therefore, the cheerful Purim celebration, which includes “mishloah manot” (sharing food with friends and family) and “gifts to the poor” (a symbol of caring for others) is a kind of demonstration of vitality and resilience. Purim is also a celebration of fun, humor and optimism that characterizes the Jewish people. The volunteers of our foundation organized a festive meal, an interesting musical program for jazz performers who arrived from the United States of America, as well as the distribution of cash vouchers. More than 70 representatives of the prisoners of the Ghetto and concentration camps living in Migdal HaEmek took part in this event, their smiles and active participation in the holiday is the best reward for us!

Happy Purim greetings to the prisoners of the Ghetto of Afula

A festive musical concert was held in the premises of the Afula city library. The action was organized for former prisoners of the Ghetto and concentration camps. A touching atmosphere of cordiality and respect for people who survived all the horrors of human madness and perverted cruelty at the very beginning of their lives reigned at the holiday. This category of people who rarely smiles and is more and more wary of everything, with distrust … We want to believe that we still managed to melt their hearts and instill hope in humanity and disinterested friendship. We wish to especially note that this time we were supported by a team of volunteers from America. It is much easier to do good together!

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