Today, the 17th of October 2018 at Afula’s public library, in order to commemorate national Immigrant Day, three organizations (Immigrant Support Center, Afula; Ministry to Israel, USA; and Ezra International, USA) carried out a social outreach for the families of new immigrants in Afula.

In 2016, the official calendar of national holidays in Israel added a new celebration — Immigrant Day. Now, every 7th day of the month of Heshvan everybody who chose to return to the land of his ancestors can commemorate the day of his arrival and raise a toast. It’s important to mention that this celebration is also very significant for the Israelis who were born here — even if their parents were born in the Eretz Israel, at some point in their lineage someone came to settle here from Russia, Europe or one of the Maghreb countries (Lebanon, Morocco or Tunisia)

This year, the calendar day fell on the 16th of October, and on the 17th Afula’s Immigrant Support Center together with charity partner organizations Ministry to Israel and Ezra International decided to congratulate the newcomers to Israel on this important occasion.

Thirty new immigrant families received gift cards for 100 shekels, personally handed out by the Immigrant Support Center’s representative, Michael Milevsky.