Gift cards during the quarantine

It was spring…March… He soaked up a bit of good, involvement, care, warmth of the kind hearts in the middle of ravaging events happening in the world. The mood was not encouraging, because it was the time of social exclusion…Quarantine… People treated differently to that extraordinary situation in the world. For someone this time was a chance to stay together with a family. Someone took a break and analyzed his life. And there were some people who did not change anything in his life. We probably wouldn’t have known that among us there are people who live like they are on life-long quarantine…There are people whose life is on the line.  That people are without hope that one day somebody will knock at their door and lend a helping hand. Are we able to change the past? No. Are we able to forget, cut out of our life the years of the Holocaust, war, terror? No one can do this…no future without a past! Helping people who survived the genocidal catastrophe, we are building a new future. Such a future, in which our children will have hope and confidence that everything is put in the hands of a man.

The team of “Support for Israel’s valley” Foundation, with assistance from the international charity organization “Ministry to Israel” again worked miracles in the desert. From March until April 2020, settlers from the Israel’s valley, who have fallen victims of Shoah, received more 500 bags of groceries. This time the team provided the timely and relevant support. At the request of some needy citizens of Afula, amounting to a ration card, products were purchased according their list. For some people the cards were still relevant.

The victims of the Holocaust, – have that people suffered from something or for something? They paid a high price that we in our generation understand the value of peace. A little time will  pass and we will not be able to show compassion and commitment to what that people have been through… just because there will be no one to whom we will be able to show it. Hurry up to do good deeds! Miracles are made by our hands.

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