Help for veterans from MIGDAL-HA-EMEK

War veterans are persons who took part in hostilities to defend the Motherland or to provide military units of the active army in areas of hostilities; persons who did military service or worked in the rear during the period

Of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 for at least six months, excluding the period of work in the temporarily occupied territories of the USSR, or those awarded with orders or medals of the USSR for service and selfless labor during the Great Patriotic War. In other words, without the direct participation of all these people, it was hardly possible to crush the Nazi army, which was trying to impose its ideology on all of humanity. We are grateful to God for the unique opportunity to return good to those who, not sparing themselves, fought in the name of a free and peaceful sky above our heads

Helping the Ghetto Prisoners from MIGDAL-HA-EMEK

It is always easier to bring goodness and light to people together. One, as they say, is not a warrior in the field … Thanks to the cordial assistance of the employees of the Ministry of Absorption of the city of Migdal HaEmek, we were able to carry out another action to distribute “gift cards” for the Ghetto prisoners living in this city. It is nice to see that this kind of action brings together completely different people for one purpose. The victims of the Ghetto and concentration camps need communication today, the realization that they are not abandoned, that someone needs them, that their questions will be heard, and their requests will be answered…. We know that today our help is just a small drop. But we believe that by teaming up with you, we can do much more. Join our project “Helping prisoners of ghettos and concentration camps” in the Jezreel Valley !!!

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