Humanitarian warehouse operation summer 2019 Afula

Summer in Afula is a very hot time, you don’t walk outside for a long time, you need to hide in a shelter. we are glad that we have become such a refuge for many returnees to their historical homeland. and despite the fact that the air conditioner is working at the warehouse, it is no less “hot” here – new meetings, acquaintances, jokes, and sometimes heated discussions take place during the distribution of humanitarian aid.

Conducting patchwork master classes for new immigrants

Thanks to the golden hands and big heart of our volunteer Galina, things that have been lying on the shelves of the humanitarian warehouse for a long time take on a new birth and life. See what amazing things come out of old jeans, shirts and ties. Both adults and children are happy to join the free master class.

Free haircuts for new immigrants

We are looking for every opportunity and even the smallest chance for help. with the help of our volunteers, ANOTHER project was OPENED for the new settlers of the Jezreel Valley. Male and female craftsmen give free haircuts to adults and children every week in our warehouse.

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