Become A Volunteer


There are plenty of ways you can help our charity projects without any money! Together we can offer real help to those in need. Volunteering focuses on helping at-risk youth, the elderly that survived Nazi ghettos, people in difficult life circumstances and many more. Here you can apply your talents, and with so much need, everyone can find something interesting to get involved in.

This can include:

  • administrative paperwork,
  • correspondence,
  • calling the contact list,
  • organizing clothing and books,
  • event organization,
  • writing copy,
  • teaching and specialized training,
  • moving boxes of donations,
  • putting together food kits, etc, etc.

Joining Process

If you look closely at those that choose to get involved in charity work, these are mostly people that have been through many difficulties in their own life, but have surpassed them with some help from others. Their optimism, positive attitude and conviction in the correctness of their chosen activities is not based on a mere theory. They don’t quit when it gets tough, and through it all they continue learning and going forward for as long as they can, knowing that there are no impossible situations in life. Come join us!

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