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At the moment, we conduct our charity work through Afula’s civil organizations. Our dream is to open a multi-functional support center open to the public daily. The reach of our activities is constantly expanding. We are already working not only in Afula, but in Migdal HaEmek and the nearby towns. We also have planned visits to deliver clothes to Beit Shean and Nazareth Illit. Sady, we can’t always help everyone who is in need, but we are working hard to help as many as possible. Though there is lots of work, we are constantly uplifted and encouraged by those who receive our help, by those who donate and by our volunteers. We know that every little bit, no matter the size, is an invaluable help to the common goal. This means that together we’ll get there, and we’ll see even the most courageous of our dreams come true!

Address: ( קהילת ציון ) Kehilat Zion 36 , Afula, Israel


Phone: +97254 802 5539