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New Immigrants and Refugees Support

We provide direct financial aid to new immigrant families. Financial support is calculated on an individual basis, according to the number of family members, their financial situation, their immediate needs and their present difficulties. This means that the amount that each family receives differs accordingly.
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Supporting Nazi Ghetto and WW2 Victims

Holocaust survivors, Nazi Ghetto and WW2 Victims constantly receive our support in buying expensive medicines and vitamins to uphold their health. We regularly supply them with medicines, reading glasses, canes, walkers and articles of personal hygiene. We also offer financial support in specific life situations.
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Firefighters and Victims of Chernobyl Catastrophe

One day we have found out that Chernobyl Liquidators were thrown both in Ukraine and Israel… Therefore, another direction of our help was born but it works only in Afula so far. This project is especially precious to us, because the time works against us and the representatives of this community leave for eternity every day.
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Community Center projects

Today, most of our activities take place in a small office space that we use as the foundation’s donation center. So every time we need to do a large activity, like giving out presents, gift cards, care packages or doing a holiday concert, we end up looking for space. We end up spending a lot of time, money and energy to find some place we can use. We are in need of a space that can hold from 100 to 300 people at a time. We want to build a community center for people living in the Jezreel valley and the nearby towns.
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