Quarterly report 1 – 3.2020

January has always been a special month for the descendants of natives from the Soviet Union. But for IsraValley Foundation it’s a wonderful opportunity to spread happiness and do real miracles.

We were able to reach an incredible number of families and throw a party for over 800 children of new returnees at the New Year 2020 celebration. And of course it couldn’t be done without the support of the municipal administration of Afula and Migdal HaEmek in partnership with the Ministry of Israel Foundation. The smiles of the happy children brightened the hall and the grateful parents’ hearts made the hall warm and cozy. Competitions, laughter, gifts, what else constitutes a miracle?

And as for work at the warehouse, January is different from the other months of the year. A new container of humanitarian aid arrived at the warehouse in January. The humanitarian warehouse receives just over 150 people in a regular month, but the number of people visiting doubles in January. And that’s a cause for real happiness because by helping those in need kindness is spreading. Residents of the Yezreel Valley feel the change in the atmosphere around each of them.

Also, a charity barbershop continues to operate at the warehouse. Experts gave beauty treatments and with it hope and faith every week. The appointments, as always, were jam-packed and those wanting a makeover were more than our working hours could handle.

Excursions to the Dead Sea were organized every week in January and February. A bus was rented for 50 people and for a nominal fee and subsidized by the financial support of the foundation our visitors were able to see this miracle of the world. It is a unique natural phenomenon that leaves no one indifferent who has ever dipped into its waters and experienced the atmosphere of this extraordinary place.

And, where did the Foundation begin? By helping and supporting survivors of the Holocaust, the Chernobyl accident and World War II veterans and this service doesn’t stop, sometimes even at night. IsraValley’s wards received 50 gift cards of 100 shekels and 100 gift cards of 50 shekels this month thanks to the financial support from the Ministry of Israel.

March was a special month, but about that separately. Three hundred people received small amounts of financial support which is always like a foundation stone. Well, March brought an unpleasant surprise for all the world and a strict quarantine was declared. People found themselves locked in their apartments and houses. But these conditions only spurred the IsraValley Foundation to even greater feats. Financial aid from the fund practically tripled during the first wave of quarantine. So in March more than 500 gift cards were distributed. The founders, the Milevsky family, with their caring hearts, great zeal and trust that Heaven will not abandon those in need and will bless those who give, have performed a true miracle, setting an example for everyone. Michael drove around the stores by himself looking for needed groceries, and together with his wife Natalya and their children prepared grocery packages. They are often asked, “Isn’t it difficult for you with five children?” But these people have the courage to answer that children are their reward. This “work unit” of Dad, Mom and five kids became a true volunteer team in a time when it was impossible to get together and serve people. And they did more than you can imagine. Some grocery bags were packed according to the request of the recipient.
That has never happened before!

The Foundation’s valiant volunteers were not left without support or attention. Twenty people received gift cards of 50 shekels because of their hard work, giving not only their energy, but also their hearts, to make the world a better place.

During these months the distribution of Halichons, a walking support, was a regular thing. Each month people received financial assistance in the form of bank checks of between 500 and 2,000 shekels. More than 20 families were supported by the several foundations from January to March.

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