Quarterly report 10-12.2020

“The knowledge of the expert, however necessary, will not replace a generous and understanding view of the human situation – in all its sadness, with all its unquenchable hope.”

Winston Churchill.

Each request for help is considered individually, with the involvement of expert consultants. The list of documents that are provided and the personal history of a person or family who asks for help is analyzed carefully. There are no templates, no standards under which all the needs of the world can be included.

The “Ministry of Israel” charitable foundation, funded by the “Isra Valley” subsidiary, has three main projects. In one of the projects, the help is material support. In another, it is moral, mental and spiritual support. Fund managers correlate a request for help with the actual needs of the person in real time. The Foundation provides both one-time and regular support. Endless lockdowns, restrictions on movement or visits, especially for the elderly people, bans on mass gatherings due to the continued spread of the dangerous virus caused the breakdown of the morale of the population. Financial instability instills a negative mood in the society. There is an acute need for financial support for the new immigrants, refugees and low-income families. The financial support provided by the Government of Israel is greater than anywhere else in the world but still isn’t enough. Shops are closed and people need warm clothes, warm blankets and much more during the winter. From October to December, the fund received two containers of humanitarian aid items. In December, the humanitarian warehouse was operating at double capacity. While keeping the required distance, more than 150 people visited the warehouse. More than 20 families received new winter blankets, pillows, and bed sets.

Every month more than 100 people receive food kits from the fund. The bulk of these kits are distributed to the Holocaust survivors, while single mothers, as well as people in need received them during this quarter. As part of our regular financial support program, more than 60 families received financial aid with bank cheques of between 500 to 2,000 shekels in three months. From October to December, the community of the foundation distributed gift cards to 450 people.

In December, the “Clean City” campaign was held together with the municipality of Afula and more than 25 of our volunteers went out to the streets of the city.

And, of course, the celebration of the New Year for immigrants from the post-Soviet countries is an important and necessary event. Holidays unite, connect friends and families and reinforce the morale of the population. 80 gifts of sweets were given to the children of the new immigrants while immigrants and refugees living in the Yezreel Valley received 50 “delicious” gifts with the traditional delicacies of the New Year holiday. About 10 volunteers in 4 cars took a part in this New Year project.

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