Quarterly report 7-9.2020

July and August were surprisingly quiet. The work of the Foundation was carried out in the usual calm mode. The warehouse functioned as directed by the Ministry of Health with the 2-meter distancing, masks and slight tension, IsraValley Foundation’s leaders and volunteers were able to create a special and unique atmosphere. Only a certain number of people were allowed to be in the warehouse and for all waiting guests a cup of tea and cool water were provided. Masks hiding smiles allowed us to look into the depth of people’s eyes. And as you know, eyes are the mirror of the soul. Well, the tension created by the fear of being infected or simply breaking the rules of the State and society has created in people an even greater desire to rally and help each other.

There was also no celebration of Rosh Ha Shana, Yom Kippur or Sukkot this year. All greetings were received by text message or personal phone calls. Our volunteers made phone calls to those who were lonely and in particular need of support. Gift cards of 50 and 100 shekels were distributed for the holidays. More than 650 people received gift cards and also food packages in these three months.

Three trips to the sea were organized for 120 people in July and August. Sun, sand and breeze helped people to regain a positive mood and gain strength to go forward. And if there are those who help you from the bottom of their hearts to make everything you want happen, it inspires you.

More than 30 families received newborn baby kits this quarter. Financial support in the form of bank checks from Ministry of Israel has helped more than 40 families.

And IsraValley Foundation provides the precious help that new returnees need every day. What could be more valuable than sharing experience? Experience in processing documents, benefits, assistance in getting medical care and just advice on how to make a life in the new homeland. All this is invaluable and works wonders where they are needed.

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